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Our Technology Media & Telecommunication (TMT) Tech Law group advises deal-intensive entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors in a variety of technology-related industries. Out TMT Practice includes information and communications technologies, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, medical devices, biotech, e-commerce, electronic trading markets, and on-line media & marketing businesses.

Drawing on decades of experience from US West Coast venture and early state financing markets, we adapt and implement US West Coast corporate finance techniques and instruments into the European corporate finance market. The application of tried-and-tested West Coast corporate finance products to US and European TMT and start-up companies is where we excel in the legal market.  

Carsted Rosenberg Advokatfirma works with a number of innovative TMT start-ups to help then prepare and launch dynamic new ventures and take them forward with a sound legal foundation in order to ensure that they are investor-ready and properly structured. We provide our clients with extensive experience and an entrepreneurial culture to help them build their businesses into successful companies. In addition to legal expertise, we provide our client's management team with sound strategic advice and participate as a trusted adviser in board-level discussions.

Our legal and advisory work for early-stage TMT growth companies spans the full range of legal corporate practice areas, including:

  • Reviewing and structuring start-ups to ensure that they are investor ready.


  • Advising on the structuring of complex business model and the commercialisation of emerging products and services

  • Counsel start-up and growth companies on structuring finance instruments and developing appropriate documentation.

  • Assisting in raising capital by way of issuing convertible loan notes, SAFE notes and other financial instruments.


  • Advising on strategic matters including financings, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, acquisitions of IPR, divestitures and spin-offs, 

  • Advising the management and the board on corporate and commercial issues, including commercial disuputes and litigation.

  • Assisting shareholders with a succesful exit in the form of an IPO or merger or trade sale of the business.

In addition, we advise and act for investors and venture capital funds on their investments in both early and late-stage financings of privately held companies, including:

  • conducting due diligence and reviewing and negotiating investment documentation and material agreements.

  • reviewing legal documentation with regard to liquidity and exit events.

  • advising on factors influencing investment decisions, including a company’s investors, its capital structure, and the likelihood of future funding or exit options.

  • counsel on all events in the course of the investment and throughout each stage of the transaction.

For more information on our transaction expertise in relation to tech law and early stage and venture finance please visit our news section for recent transactions or contact Brad Furber or Michael Carsted Rosenberg to discuss any matters.


Brad Furber

Phone: +41 (0)76 414 1832 (CH)

Phone: +1 206 973 3242 (US)


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Michael Rosenberg

Phone: +41 (0)79 901 3713



Term Sheet Battle - DTU - 2021


Ever wonder how entrepreneurs and high-tech ventures "spin-out" technology from top research-intensive universities and other institutions, including how such spin-outs organize and negotiate their first round of seed capital from outside investors?  Wonder no more.  Term Sheet Battle - DTU (2021) is a live (and on-demand recording) between a real institutional investor and real "spin-off" entrepreneur, represented by a lawyer with real experience structuring and closing transactions of this nature. This program demystifies what is mostly a closed and poorly understood process: the first negotiation of a "term sheet" to launch finance and grow the spin-out startup. 

Cash is Oxygen for Start-Ups. Can You Breathe?


Too many tech startups fall behind due to lack of financial resources.
Video presentation by Brad Furber on the challenges facing start-ups in attracting growth capital in a competitive market. Take the investor readiness test for start-ups with Aery Advisors

Summer 2020 Research on 649 Start-Up Founders from 55 Countries


Between 29 June and 21 September 2020, a total of 649 individuals from 55 countries who self-identify as a start-up founder or business owner completed the investor readiness test by Aery Advisors. the aggregate data compiled from the respondents during the test period illustrates the state of the market.

How Business Really Works: When is the Best Time to Innovate? With Brad Furber


Listen to the podcast interview with Brad Furber helb by the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia. The interview was conducted on 18 April 2015 when Brad was engaged to to design, launch and operate the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW Australia as COO and business founder. 

Silicon Valley: Something in the Water?


Article by Brad Furber on what makes one start-up hub more successful than another. “Silicon Valley” has become the global watchword for tech innovation and growth even if the relevant companies are based across the American West Coast in the Bay Area (San Francisco, Silicon Valley and San Jose), Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego. What gives Silicon Valley an advantage over other startup hubs? 

Insights on innovation with Brad Furber


Interview with Brad Furber held by the Australian Marketing Magazine. The interview was conducted on 18 March 2016 and discusses views on innovation and how the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW Australia was set up to support innovation at the University of New South Wales, Australia. 

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