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We want to provide our clients with the best legal advice - and we want to do so responsibly and ethically. This includes setting out our corporate policies and values. 

1. Codes of Conduct

The legal profession plays an important and necessary role in relation to the rule of law and democracy, in particular to promote the due process of law and to ensure legal certainty. It is therefore vital that it has the confidence of clients, citizens, courts, authorities and society as a whole. The legal profession gains the confidence of its clients by providing them with high-quality, confidential advice, independent of any undue pressure or extraneous influence. It is incumbent upon the legal profession to act in a manner consistent with the trust vested in it by civil society by conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. The duties and obligations of lawyers do not begin and end with the faithful execution of the instructions of their clients. Lawyers must serve the interests of justice as well as those of their clients. It is of the essence of a lawyer’s function that lawyers should be entrusted by their clients with confidential information that is subject to legal professional privilege, confidentiality and professional secrecy. A lawyer’s obligations to the client remain even after the lawyer has ceased to act. Without the certainty of confidentiality, there can be no trust and confidence.

The function of the legal profession includes a range of legal and moral obligations, not only to the interests of its clients, but also to the courts, the legal system and society as a whole. Both within and outside the framework of the code of professional conduct, questions may arise as to how the legal profession should act in any given situation. It is the responsibility of all law firms to clearly identify such ethical dilemmas on an ongoing basis, to equip members and staff to handle them appropriately and to clearly communicate its guidelines for dealing with these dilemmas.

The core principles of the code of conduct of the legal profession are set out by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe and include in particular:

  • The independence and freedom of the legal profession to represent the client’s interests.

  • The right and duty of the legal profession to keep clients’ matters confidential and to respect professional secrecy.

  • The avoidance of conflicts of interest, whether between different clients or between the client and the lawyer or the law firm.

  • The dignity and honour of the legal profession, and the integrity and good repute of the individual lawyer. 

  • Loyalty to the client and fair treatment of clients in relation to professional fees.

  • The professional and technical competence of the legal profession.

  • Respect and fair dealing towards professional colleagues and other members of the profession.

  • Respect for the rule of law and the fair administration of justice.

We adhere to the principles of professional conduct set out in the code of conduct for European lawyers issued by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe. In addition, each lawyer will be bound by and adhere to the codes of professional conduct issued by the relevant law society or bar association pursuant to which the lawyer is licenced, be it Denmark, England & Wales or the State of Washington, without limitation.

2. Diversity & Inclusion

As a law firm, we believe that talented and diverse teams generate the best results. As global citizens, we recognise that talent comes from all cultures, countries, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, beliefs, generations, backgrounds and experiences.

We believe that cross-cultural understanding results in diverse environments where people can contribute with new perspectives and novel solutions. This helps us strengthen our relationships with our clients, our partners, and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment can be seen in our focus on cross-border transactions which foster mutual understanding, integration and economic development.

We believe that our ability to leverage the different languages, cultures and perspectives of our people, clients and partners create a truly international law firm that places a real focus on diversity and inclusion without borders and boundaries. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not merely an aspirational ideal, it is the smart thing to do for a competitive and result-oriented adviser business. It generates creativity, it adds value and helps us to respond even better to the needs of our clients. Our clients and partners will want to work with a law firm with a greater range of views and a deeper cultural perspective to handle their matters both domestically and internationally.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

All businesses have a collective responsibility to the wider community and the environment. Our law firm dedicates the skills and time of our people to support communities and good causes with practical help, advice and legal support. As professional lawyers and officers of the court, we have a duty to promote fairer access to legal advice by providing free legal assistance to promote good causes and charitable organisations. The firm actively encourages its members to get involved where possible. Each year we donate our time and funds to valuable causes that promote cross-cultural understanding and co-operation in the communities we operate in.

As a business, we seek to contribute positively on a wide range of initiatives, from promoting the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, to working to reduce our carbon emissions, and using our skills, creativity and influence to help solve some of the challenges facing our world. We believe that businesses must take a central role in promoting and championing sustainability.

Carsted Rosenberg is fully committed to reducing the negative environmental footprint of our business operations and to further the preservation and improvement of our environment and natural reserves for the benefit of future generations and a better world at large.

On an operational level, we aim to minimise our environmental footprint to increase sustainability and to follow best practice in terms of reusing and recycling, energy efficiency and responsible procurement. We believe that our commitment to a paperless law firm model using green energy where possible contributes positively to our shared environment. As a firm, we emphasise the simple mantra of 'reduce, reuse and recycle' in our business operations. This is best practice, both for the environment and for business.

4. Ethical Business Practices

As a specialist international law firm, we believe that our business and the rule of law are dependent on our ability as officers of the court to inspire trust and to earn the confidence of our clients, the communities in which we operate and the parties with which we deal. To ensure this, we endeavour to act responsibly and equitably while effectively representing the interests of our clients and their stakeholders. This includes having measures in place to prevent the facilitation of financial crime, tax evasion and sharp business practices.

Carsted Rosenberg has adopted a number of policies and procedures relating to our business operations, including due compliance with laws and applicable professional standards in accordance with the regulatory guidelines for professional legal services. These are designed to mitigate the risks of financial crime, including tax evasion. Carsted Rosenberg opposes tax evasion and is committed to taking steps to ensure that any form of financial crime or evasion is not facilitated by our partners, employees, agents, or third parties that act for us. Our professional duty and approach is to deliver top quality legal advice to our clients and to advise them on their responsibility to comply with applicable laws. This includes applicable tax laws and best practices. Tax evasion is contrary to the rule of law and we do neither condone, nor encourage nor facilitate it.

All law firms are subject to the applicable anti-money laundering laws and regulations. Accordingly, we are obliged to obtain and keep identity information on any client and to complete all necessary anti-money laundering checks. While we are professionally and legally obliged to keep the affairs of our clients strictly confidential, we may be legally required by statute to make a disclosure to national authorities where we know or suspect that a transaction may involve money laundering or terrorist financing. If we are obliged to make a disclosure in relation to a client matter, we may also be precluded from conveying that a disclosure has been made. 

​We regularly review our business practices and procedures to identify and assess the risks of facilitating financial crime and tax evasion. To that end, we review the measures already in place, and any additional measures that may be considered beneficial and effective. We do not hold or administer any client funds and we do not provide client accounts in any form. To the extent that a client account or trust account is needed, we will refer to a financial institution that takes deposits in the ordinary course of business and conducts the necessary investigations.

As a professional services firm regulated by professional regulatory bodies and in the light of our existing policies and practices to prevent financial crime, we have assessed that we are at low risk of facilitating financial crime and tax evasion. However, we steadily take steps through policies, experience and training to ensure we are aware of any potential risks of financial crime and tax evasion in our practice that may arise.

5. Responsible Procurement

Carsted Rosenberg seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and the firm is committed to minimise the social, environmental and ethical impacts of its supply chain. We embrace and support responsible procurement. We endeavour to make a positive contribution to the environment and society whilst meeting our business needs when purchasing goods and services. To this end, we seek to ensure that we and our suppliers act in a responsible manner and where appropriate set out our expectations of how our suppliers will manage their own supply chains responsibly and ethically.

We seek to work collaboratively with our partners and suppliers to improve environmental, social and ethical standards with the aim of realising continuous improvement in all areas. To that end, we will endeavour to exert commercial influence where we are confident that improvements can be made to the environmental, social or ethical performance of our suppliers, and to base our supplier selection on objective and transparent criteria that include appropriate consideration of environmental, social and ethical performance and business practices.

We will cease trading with suppliers showing persistent disregard for important elements of environmental, social and ethical performance and we will act as advocates for responsible supply chain practices within our industry sector and focus on areas where the risk is greatest and maximum impact can be achieved. 

6. Data Privacy

We follow the applicable rules and guidelines provided by the Danish Bar and Law Society and the Law Society of England & Wales in relation to inter alia the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For the purposes of Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the GDPR we have outlined our privacy information to data subjects in a separate document for you to download and keep with your records. Please consult our data privacy policy: Data Privacy Policy May 2018

This notice constitutes in its entirety the statutory impressum for the purposes of Art. 3 Abs. 1 lit. s Nr. 1 UWG (CH) as required for Swiss private limited liability companies.

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