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Carsted Rosenberg Recognised by Chambers Global 2024 for Banking & Finance

Updated: Feb 17

Carsted Rosenberg, a specialist Danish law firm, is pleased to announce that Michael Rosenberg has been recognised by Chambers Global 2024 Edition for Banking & Finance in Denmark as a leading expert for Danish banking & finance law based abroad, more specifically in Germany.

The Chambers Global Guide ranks the top global lawyers and law firms in over 200 jurisdictions across the world. The recognition by Chambers & Partners Global Edition reflects the expertise and reputation of the law firm in the field of Danish banking & finance law.

The recognition by Chambers Global 2024 follows another successful year for Carsted Rosenberg, where the firm’s transactional volume in banking & capital markets reached a solid EUR 5 billion in 2023, demonstrating the firm’s strength in the market. The 2023 results followed a record-setting EUR 6 billion transactional volumen in banking & capital markets in 2022.

Furthermore, Chambers Global has not only recognised our Danish banking & finance practice, but has also placed it in a category of its own, as Michael Rosenberg has been recognised as the only expert for Danish banking & finance based abroad, more specifically in the centre of the financial sector in Germany in Frankfurt am Main.

We are very pleased to receive this recognition, as it validates our strategy of developing both the Danish-German banking & capital markets on location in Frankfurt as well as our wider banking & finance practice. Frankfurt is the core of the continental European finance industry and the key hub for cross-border transactions originating from the German market. Being present in the Frankfurt legal market for almost two decades, our unique strategy has always been to establish a Danish banking & finance practice on location where the demand arises in the course of the cross-border transactions managed from Frankfurt. There is no substitute for being present in the local market.” says Michael Rosenberg.

For over a decade, Carsted Rosenberg has been a trusted Danish legal adviser for global banks and law firms based in Frankfurt, who rely on us as their ‘go to’ local counsel for Denmark. The firm is known as the “Danish Desk of Frankfurt” and provides comprehensive legal and practical solutions for financial institutions and global law firms on matters relating to Denmark. We consider our role as local counsel on location as a unique legal expertise in which we excel. We also acknowledge the importance of being engaged in the local market we are serving and maintaining deep and meaningful relationships with our client sector.

If you would like to discuss any matter in relation to banking & finance law, capital markets law or acquisition finance in Denmark, please contact Michael Carsted Rosenberg or Dr. Andreas Tamasauskas. If you would like to discuss US securities law and corporate finance in relation to the US market, please contact Bradley B. Furber.


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