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Carsted Rosenberg Advises on Capital Increase of Re-Match A/S

Updated: May 20, 2021

Carsted Rosenberg LLP acted for the company on the successful capital increase of Re-Match A/S. The capital increase consisted of private and public investors, including the Danish Government Green Business Development Fund and the Danish Growth Fund.

The Danish Growth Fund is a state investment fund that contributes to the creation of new companies in the Kingdom of Denmark. Since 1992, The Danish Growth Fund has together with private investors co-financed growth in more than 5,000 Danish companies with a total commitment of more than DKK 12 billion. The Danish Growth Fund invests equity and provides loans and guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with private partners and Danish financial institutions. 

As the first in the world, Re-Match A/S has invented the technology to separate artificial turf into raw components resulting in a 99.9 percent recycling. It is expected, that the global demand for recycling of artificial turf will grow rapidly in the coming years and that up to 20 million m2 artificial turf will be removed in 2015 alone. The Re-Match recycling process is patented and based upon a mechanical separation, which results in a complete separation and recycling without waste products. Re-Match’s technology cleans the components to a level of purity where they can be used in the production of new high-quality artificial turf.

Investors were advised by Plesner Advokatfirma.


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