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Carsted Rosenberg Exceeds EUR 6 Billion in Transactional Volume

Updated: Feb 29

For the first time since the law firm was founded 12 years ago as a specialist legal adviser on Danish banking and finance law, Carsted Rosenberg has exceeded EUR 6 billion in annual transactional volume on banking & capital markets transactions for the year 2022.

Carsted Rosenberg is a specialist law firm with a strong focus on cross-border banking & capital markets. While the annual transactional volume for the law firm's banking & finance practice has regularly exceeded EUR 1 billion annually, 2022 has been a particularly successful year with a significant increase in transactional volume leading to a record-setting EUR 6 billion.

"We are extremely happy with the results of 2022 and we are very grateful to our clients and business partners for entrusting us with their banking & capital markets business. The results for 2022 prove that our strategy as a specialist law firm in banking & finance with a focus on the Danish aspects on cross-border financing coupled with our English and US law capabilities has been proven right." Michael Rosenberg, Managing Partner

The significant increase in transactional volume stems both from a buoyant cross-border banking and finance market in general coupled with a significant rise in direct instructions from corporate and investment banking clients in the EMEA region, in particular from the DACH region. Carsted Rosenberg maintains strong relationships in the Danish-German finance sector and has for more than a decade been a preferred Danish legal adviser for global banks and law firms based in Frankfurt as their 'go to' local counsel for Denmark. Increasingly, our English and US law practice has added significantly to the overall transactional volume of the firm.

2022 also marked the year where Carsted Rosenberg made an entry onto Wall Street as a sponsor for European listed companies seeking admission to trading on OTC Markets in the United States. The appointment as an OTC Sponsor alongside leading Wall Street investment banks and law firms has rapidly expanded the cross-border activities of the law firm. We are particularly proud to have acted on our first Wall Street transaction in 2022 with a strong pipeline for 2023.

Should you wish to discuss any matter in relation to banking & finance law, capital markets law or acquisition finance in Denmark, please consult Michael Carsted Rosenberg or Dr. Andreas Tamasauskas. Should you wish to discuss US securities law and corporate finance in relation to the US market, please consult Bradley B. Furber.


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